Our 4 Pillars

The Heaven's Meadow Foundation is built upon 4 pillars that offer assistance to children and communities at risk

Project No.1

Help Now Project

Our Help Now project is the urgent care the Heaven’s Meadow Foundation. We offer immediate assistance, bringing to life the projects of young people that need Help Now to make real their community projects.

Pen in a Box is a Help Now project. Created by High School David Byun and brought nationwide and internally by Michael and Genevieve Knowles. It brings writing instruments to Third World children.

Project No.2

The Lighthouse Project

With the Lighthouse Project we offer scholarships and seminars, educational guidance to talented students At Risk, those whose talents, values and vision would otherwise be lost.

Project No.3

The Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project grows the ideas and innovations of young people in At Risk Communities. We offer sunlight and water, and life affirming soil, for them to bring their talents in service to their community.

We are now incubating a new building material project with Livingstone Lee, a high school student from Lagos, Nigeria. It is our hope that this more durable product will become the new foundation stone able to withstand the heat and humidity of the equatorial climate region. It has the potential to bring beauty, durability and safety back to buildings within At Risk communities.

Project No.4

Funding educational projects

It is here where we connect those with charter school licenses with investors looking to assist in spread of value centered educational schools that offer the highest academic training to At Risk Communities world-wide.